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Almost half way there



My third week of my 7 week fitness challenge had some ups, and some downs. I am doing great on my fitness routine. I went to the gym twice, and have an appointment with a trainer on Thursday.The little muscles on my arms are starting to pop out (love the rowing machine) and I have achieved some of my goal levels already. I made an appointment with a trainer at my gym for a fitness test. I know that I need actual numbers to help motivate me, so this is just one more gimmick to help me stay on track.

I was looking at my spreadsheet where I keep track of all my hours and everything. I had started out setting goals of about 5 hours a week so I wouldn't overwhelm myself starting out. But now I really need to do about 8 hours a week to make sure I complete my goal on time. I think I can do that, this past week I did almost 8 hours. I didn't make it to the ski park yesterday, but I'm going to try again this week. Or else do a really long hike - or two fitness classes at the gym. What really helps is for me to have a plan B and a plan C, and keep track during the week so I know if I need to adjust.

So my goals for this coming week include 8 hours of exercise, and getting back on track with my eating habits. I think my hormones may be a little out of control, and I'm hoping the scale is just showing extra water retention. I am happy that I am doing well on the fitness, and I know once I get back into feeling more fit then I usually start eating better too.

Once I hit 25 hours I will be half-way there. It should happen in the middle of this week, but it might be closer to the end. It feels good to be almost half-way there, but it is also a little scary because I realize I'm running out of time until my trip. But whatever it is, it is.When I count my blessings I realize I have a lot to be thankful for. And I am going to celebrate when I reach my goal, no matter how long it takes to get there.


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