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You know what I wish? That people were honest with themselves. Why hide who you are? It just frustrates me when people lie. What's even more frustrating is knowing they are lying to themselves. I'm not talking about things you can change externally, I'm talking about from within. If you know something is true, but you turn the blind eye... What are you so afraid of? Why don't you live?


mario left tonight.. he's on a plane to miami. i love him. i tell him all the time how much i love him because i think it's important to tell all the people that you truly love and care about, that you love them as much as possible. life is so beautiful and very unpredictable. I have never lost anyone i loved, so i'm lucky, but i've learned from others to never take anyone/anything for granted.

i'm going strong on my "diet"...um i mean "lifestyle change" ^_^ as each day passes it gets easier and easier. i guess it takes practice to get it right. i still haven't weighed myself and i probably won't until next week..i don't want to get frustrated because of slow progress and/or plateaus. it's better this way. i think once every two weeks should be sufficient. i know it's going to take me a full year to lose the rest of the weight, so slow and steady. i'm good to go ^_^


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