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teehee it's been two weeks today since i started back on my healthy lifestyle and i finally weighed myself..I LOST 5 more lbs!!!! eeekkkkkkk I AM SO HAPPY :lol: !!!

there has been lots and lots of drama in my life but i'm just so over it! i'm getting rid of anything and ANYBODY negative in my life. I'm not looking back either. I'm not going to be the "bigger" person and say "let's try to make this work", "let's talk"..or anything! People have used and abused me. Only now am I finally standing up for myself! If that makes me seem "childish" or "selfish" i really don't care anymore. All I have been is "mature" and "selfless" when it concerns other people. I always try to be the peacemaker, to make everything conflict/tension free. But I've just realized some people will never change and that's fine with me. They can go on their life without me in it, thank you very much.

yesterday at work these older ladies were talking about me in chinese. my friend had told me what they said after they left. they said i had the prettiest face but that i was just big (FAT). they were just like why can't she just lose the weight...at first i laughed because i've heard this sooo many times by people. family, friends, and even strangers tell me all the time.."you're so pretty, now only if you would lose the weight"...and i'm like I KNOW I KNOW! WHAT DO THINK I'VE BEEN TRYING TO DO SINCE I WAS 11!!!! they just think i eat and eat all day long. that i'm lazy and i don't exercise..ehh..whatever. i'm sick of them too. I'm so tired of people putting me down and not seeing the progress i've made. it doesn't matter anyway, their opinions mean nothing. ONLY MINE DOES.

And right now I have lost 70lbs since my surgery and when my surgery anniversary comes up i'm pretty sure i'll reach that 100lbs weight lost range. So 1 year and losing 100lbs is pretty amazing. and yes i will toot my own horn! :lol: TOOT TOOT!!

oh I'm going this thursday to the oc center in tijuana to get my third fill. yippee i'll be there at 9 in the morning! k bye!


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