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So far so good



Ok.... had my band on September 9th, made it through 21 days of liquids and am healing without any hurdles. I started solids last friday and had no problems eating.

I spent a lot of times reading the forums and cannot associate with any of them. I had little to no gas, went shopping the day of surgery and was back to work 4 days later. My incisions are barely noticeable.

I figured out over the weekend that I do not have any restriction and will have to be very stringent until I can get my first fill. I have been to the gym in my liquid phase 3-4 times a week and used the elliptical for 30 min each time (Level 1). Now I increased to 60 min 5x a week. The first few times where tough on my port but now I do not have any issues with that either.

My weight loss slowed down but I am not worried.

I am choosing the right foods , do not exceed 1200 cal a day, and people are noticing me loosing weight.

I do not have that "full" feeling, no bping and no vomiting... Sometimes I think I do not have a band. Hmmmm


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