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2 weeks today



It's two weeks today since I had my surgery. I know I shouldn't feel hunger, but for some reason, I do. To the point of wanting to throw up. Maybe it's just head hunger? I went back to work today and passed a lot of Tim Horton's and fast food places that I ate at before. Especially between my school runs. First time I actually missed my coffee. Haven't had one in a month, and today, I missed it.

A lot of my hidden eating was on my school run. I would purchase things and hide them in my vehicle to have during my breaks. I think part of today's problem came from the old habit of eating when I was alone. I was back in my old life style, my old job, but had made the decision to give it all up for this surgery. Give it up for life. No more breads, junk foods, pop. Maybe today was a bit of testing me and my body was really wanting to go back to it's old ways. I am really going to have to fight those old demons off.

Those old demons were good friends of mine once upon a time. I don't need friends like that.


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Thank you for your posts. Boy have you hit the nail on the head with alot of what you are saying. My surgery is not for about 5 months but feverishly researching everything I can get my hands on about the Gastric Sleeve surgery. So thank you for documenting your experience and your very personal fight with the food monger deamons that like to try and pretend your friend. I to am a "closet eater" My best friend of over 20 years says to me but I never see you eat much! I eat more than you do! (she's a size 8!) I finally fessed up to her and said yes you never see me eat much.. no one does... I eat when no ones looking, hide what I dont want my son or husband to eat so I can have it later. She was shocked and saddened.... BUT! with a new year comes a NEW LIFE!! and with the help of OCC im hoping I get a second chance at a healthy life.!

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You will do it Shell39!! Your second chance has already starting. The first step was admitting the truth. Next, booking the appointment. I'm happy for you and hope I can hear more as you progress closer and closer to your OCC date. My eyes have been opened since my surgery and I am seeing things in a whole new light. Food is no longer my friend. It is only fuel for this body. Nothing else. Good luck!!

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