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As days go by, the thoughts of what I will be able to do increase. There are some things I had totally forgotten about. Besides my stamina increasing and clothing going down in size, there is also the fun of bowling again! Being able to breath has started me thinking of all the things I had given up.

I started curves in June to have to stop after three weeks. The FM reared it's ugly head and pulled me under, not to mention the fact that I was constantly out of breath. I think I will give that a second chance. Start out slow and build up to the two circuits.

Maybe a few dates out bowling. Mini Golf. Biking. Oh, how I have missed biking. And walking. Hmmm...

I may need new shoes... shopping time! LOL Did I mention that none of my shoes fit?

It's funny, but one of the first places I lose weight is my feet. I'm down to a size 6 again. Most of my shoes are a 7. But now, maybe some fun ones? Maybe borrow some from my youngest daughter? HA! That would be a switch! Can you see me in a pair of Iron Fist 4 inch heels? With blood dripping from growling wolf teeth on the toes? Oh yeah! Not! But it makes me giggle anyway. I'd probably kill myself. It would make for a fun photo shoot, though!

I think I've talked myself into it. Another item to add to the 'to-do when I reach my goal' list. I am going to check out the really cool shoes, just for fun! Betsey Johnson, here I come!


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