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Saw my Family Doctor



Saw my doctor this week and gave him the surgical report. He was surprised that I went all the way to Mexico and paid out of pocket for it. I told him that I was serious. Doc's wife, Lee, was happy that I went and told me it was time to get a new bra! Haha. So, this week I have to bra shop. Something cheap. Just to get me through. I also had to retire the size 20 clothes! Now in size 18! I am out of the 20's!! Whoohoo! And I now have to retire all my size 7 shoes. Back into size 6.

The mushy pureed food is okay. I'm getting used to trying to eating again. The fish is great! Do you believe I actually said that? It's amazing how good food tastes after not eating carbs. Its hard to get used to not drinking with my meals, though. Having to wait an hour seems like forever.


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Hi Shell39! Not yet. I am going back to Curves this month. I have been waiting for two months to be up. I know I don't have to wait that long, but I am feeling weak at times and I want to make a commitment to the program. I have done some hiking and lots of walking. I'm getting geared up for the machines at Curves! One more week to go and I'm there!

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