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Journey Continues: food in ounces



Well almost at the 200 mark. For some this may seem like nothing, well for me its a big deal. from 290 to here was a huge trip. But the last 60 pounds are thanks to the lap band and the OCC. New lesson, count food in ounces...wow what a concept. I hadn't really been utilizing my new tool I found out as I tried to see what the "hold up" was. I needed to go back to basics.

1. Eating protein first really does make a difference!

2. Cutting out sugar in all forms - hard as hell but needed, this alone has made me feel so much better

3. No white flour or gluten - go figure, I guess I was sensitive to this one. Only reason I bought into this was how much better I feel without it. No more asthma attacks, racing heartbeats, and more energy (cutting sugar probably fits in here too)

4. When I feel like eating go "play" with my cloths and tape measure..yep it works

5. Start with 3 ounces and have 1 more if still hungry. (4 ounces is half a cup). Funny how when I see this visually my thoughts change.

6. Eat clean foods that I prepare myself to the best of my ability. Another way to have control and pick the best food I can, since I am eating less of it.

Now, if I can get my exercise in I will be happy. My next area of improvement, after 30 days (length of time it takes to form new habits).


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It is paying off..getting back to basics, thanks to the book "The Bandwagon" and a slight fill, which has resulted in a 6 pound loss. Finally moving again. Now three weeks in, I am going to make a concerted effort to get some kind of exercise in..I think I am going to settle on the "Firm" I have a few of their strength training video's and I need to firm up before I go for my TL surgery in December, plus they are 30 minutes long. I am not good for long workouts. Of course this does not include the walking I have been doing. Three weeks without refined our added sugar or flour has also made a huge difference as I mentioned before. I am very hopeful..now just got to keep the mind in sync with the body..

Keep up the food in ounces!

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