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Prepping for Holiday season Year Two



Well here it is Halloween weekend, the official opening of the holiday season. Year two post band for me. What is different for me from last year at this time? Well, I am 25 pounds lighter..which for me is a big yeah! I have learned copping strategies so I don't turn to food. I have cut out all added sugar for the last three months and it is easier the longer you do it..I even have some sugar free candy for tomorrow so I don't feel cheated. I have learned to eat in ounces, weighing my food. And I have just started a toning program in yoga so I can be ready for my surgery..this is brand new so I have to keep motivated here. I am learning to prepare ahead. And I have broken down by year into three month intervals to give myself attainable goals...for me all of this is a lot. Yesterday I spent the day going through my closet getting out my winter wear and some things are too big and others just right (where they were tight a year ago). Great motivator here! Better than eating. So onward holidays..I can do this..year two!!


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