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How I got here



In 2003 I decided it was time to take my life back. I was tired of being discriminated based on my appearance - not my skills at work and in my personal life. Inside me didn't match the outside me and it was really hard to look in the mirror and see a 310 lb women looking back. Like alot of you - I wasn't in that bad a physcial condition - considering my weight (I am 5'7") and was still pretty active. But my weight was not only limiting my opportunites in life but impacting my relationship with my daughter who was 12 when I got my band. She was embarrased by my weight. Also I didn't want to go to places that involved shorts or swimming, and in the summer - the heat was a real burden.

In March 2003, I decided to go to Mexico to get a lapband. I had done a ton of research, Seattle seems to be a hub of bandsters and lot so of them had gone to Mexico. My band trip was uneventful and I started a new journey. I lost 170 lbs in 18 months and went from a size 28/30 to a 4/6. That was an amazing journey and I made alot of new friends,learned alot about myself and my body and made some big life changes. I stood up for myself at work, got the promotions I should have earned before but didn't based on my weight (how many fat salesladies do you see in upper sales - not many)...confronted my husband of 16 years and ended that relationship - abuse was not allowed in my life anymore.

Life became full, exciting and I was finally where I wanted to be in my life - both in work and in my personal life.

In 2010 - I noticed that I started to gain weight -something that had not been a concern since the band - I had been stable for about 6 years - so down to TJ I went and sure enough my band had slipped. Over the course of the next year we tried to save the band - filling and unfilling but all I did was gain - up 50 lbs and starting to see the differences in my body -

Made a decision to do a revision to a sleeve - Dr. Ortiez counceled me about what I wanted and the best choices moving forward and we set a date for July 2nd 2011. Off I went to TJ again, scare but excited to get my life back. The revision didn't go as planned due to scar tissue - and I had been warned that might be an issue. The docs told me it was a minor setback - wait 3/4 months and come back.

On Oct 1, 2011 - I headed back down for the sleeve. What a piece of cake that surgery is - I think it was easier than getting or removing the band for sure (except for the drain which is always a pain in the butt)...

I am now 7 days out with my new sleeve and so far so good. I will keep posting and post some pics so if someone is interested they can follow along.

Please ask me any questions - I will answer if I can...


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OMG... I will be so horrified if they get in there and can't do it because of scar tissue... seriously upset after 4 weeks of slimfast and lean cuisine. Nobody has said anything to me about that... I am flying back and forth from Florida, and at 700 bucks a pop it becomes problematic for me. This just kind of freaks me out.

What kind of things did you do when you were at the hotel the 5 days after surgery? I figure TV and my kindle, but I am not bringing my laptop... I am not bringing anything that isn't essential.

Thank you.. Lord, I am freaked out now.

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