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movie snacks.



i hate going to the movies because i always want to snack on popcorn or candy. My absolute favorite is hot dogs from the movie theaters. Hot dogs are so much more satisfying while watching a movie on a big screen for some weird reason. Then there is the smell of food in the air as you sit in the theatre that just gets my mouth watering. But i survived I didn't eat any popcorn, candy or hot dogs.

Another thing i really hate is fast food restaurants. When you're hungry you just want to stop at that convenient del taco or mcdonalds...

It's some kind of crazy conspiracy to keep people fat or get them fat. -_-

There are so many other things going on in life then having to waste half the time worrying about your weight or what chemicals are in your food. I'm sick of it. I keep telling myself I'm never going to eat fast food again and something always brings me back. I'm well aware that there are chemicals in their foods that make you addicted. I want to set a goal for myself or rather a challenge...I'm going to challenge myself to not eat any fast food, anything that comes from a can or a box for a whole month. My ultimate goal is for one year because I know going for a whole year not eating any processed food will obviously make me never want to eat it again. But I'm going to take baby steps right now. I don't want to overwhelm myself. i can do that sometimes because i get myself so excited about doing something i just want to go 150% not holding back, but I've learned things don't always work out the way you want them. So I'm going to be very cautious and keep out an open eye. I want to know what triggers my need for junk food when I could always pick something healthier. Its harder to lose weight when you're younger because I think I was a lot more impulsive. Well actually I'm still impulsive but I can control myself to a degree. :D


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