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wow temptation hit hard today.. :o

so today i went out with two of my friends (different group from last night). first we went shopping then they decided to eat. I got really nervous because I felt pressured to eat. I mean they weren't telling me to eat or anything but I felt like if I didn't I would look awkward. plus they were having mexican food and I was like OMG BURRITO!...eh. but then something hit me and I said no. I just walked away and said eh i'm not going to get anything I have granola. I did have granola actually. i put probably a cup of granola mixed with organic honey into a sandwich ziplock. Just in case i got hungry and we were going to be staying out late, which we did. Anyway they didn't even say anything, but I'm pretty sure that has something to do with the fact that they were too self centered to notice. I don't mean that in a bad way either. I think they had a lot on their minds..their own personal issues. Which I know of but don't wish to speak of since its not my place to tell. And now back to me! :) so they're eating and not once did I feel the need to eat that fattening stuff. I saw it and it looked delicious but there was something inside of me telling me don't do it. Well that voice worked!

Then we went to the movies...ah the dreaded movie theatre and its popcorn!....but guess what??! I won again! Even though my friends bought candy and hotdogs I didn't get anything! We went to go see the new movie Wall.E.! It was such a cute/good movie. In the movie the people had to be shipped off into space because earth became a landfill of trash. The people had been in space for over 700 years. They had robots and technology doing everything for them. They had hovering chairs so they wouldn't have to walk! of course because of that everyone in the "space world" was obese. All they did was hover around in their chairs, talk on their tv phone screen, and drink milkshakes all day! I was horrified! It made me think that omg that's whats happening to us already. That's what is happening to me...well was. I refuse to be that person anymore. In the movie one of characters say "I don't want to survive, I want to live!" and you know what? I want to live too! I'm so sick of being the fat girl. i want to not be embarrassed of my body. I want to just wear what i want without thinking omg is my fat roll showing??? i want to wear a bathing suit in public without a tshirt or shorts!

Yep my goals are set. Nothing is changing my mind. This is it. Ready, set, GO! :D


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