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The Last Leg of the Journey is the hardest



I have found something out...nothing new really, just saying the words makes it real..the last leg of this journey is proving to be the hardest...the food part is pretty much a done deal..But the mental and exercise part will be an ongoing learning journey, with weight loss the result...I did manage to get rid of all "fat cloths" or sizes I refuse to go back to wearing. This was a learning experience in itself. I was saying goodbye to my past life, closing a door...very scary for me. I have been learning over the past three years how to be alone, responsible only to me, and do be able to do things that in the past I could not. Very liberating but, again, scary..the unknown. So as I have been adding to my wardrobe, fitting things I could never fit before, and yes, starting to exercise, I have paid more attention to my response and feelings to these things...and my reactions..mentally. Very enlightening. I Will begin to write about them here as I move along. This being my first entry.

Exercise, wow, I am sore in places I have never been sore before..I love my "total gym" out of everything I have tried this has been my best choice. I am building muscle, and working out in a time frame I can stand..and I actually like it..Important to like, since before when I exercised I did things I didn't like..I also feel like I am getting stronger! And it's somewhat of immediate response..I can see the change and fit things better..I am somewhat of an impatient person...

Food, still working with ways to get fresh, clean, wholesome food in..for one..living alone is another lesson in food prep and what works for me...hmmm...this area is still a work in progress.

Mental, I am able to take complements without cringing..interesting here. This took a long time and much thought. Thoughts are something along these lines mentally "I deserve complements. They are feedback for my hard work, and validate that I am doing the right thing for myself and my health" or something along those lines. Having this mind set has made it possible for me to gracefully respond with a thank-you or other comment. Funny, overall this has been the hardest to take. In the past I have caught myself running to food after this kind of complement..Not anymore...Mindset...it works.


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