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Year Two Holiday season



Year two as a banded person during the holiday season!

Well, here it is year two as a banded person and I am 50+ pounds lighter than last year. What a year it has been….I made it through last year basically just not eating or going out to parties where I knew it would be too hard. This year I am going to events but being more picky about which ones I choose. Funny thing for both years I actually thought I could get away with eating the same way as I did when I wasn’t banded. I realized this both years..luckily this year I figured it out earlier…I was reminded really quickly when I tried to eat turkey and stuffing, along with brussel sprouts. Why I thought I would be able to eat them when I can’t on a normal day I don’t know..chalk it up to foolish thinking..So I did manage to stay away from the food fest’s going on around me by donating my time to serving Thanksgiving dinner to veterans and families instead of over eating it! I also felt good doing it..a new post band tradition. So onward to Christmas and New Year’s..I will come up with something to do for those days too which will put eating in the back seat and fun in the front…Let me start with more exercise and smart food choices and baking my own version of low carb, low fat faves…

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You'll do great - I also got on the organic band wagon. It’s easier for our stomachs to process and cleaner as well as more vitamins. Since we eat so much less we need to make healthier choices to stay energized so we can really get into exercise and body movement. Have fun during the Holidays - it’s amazing when it’s not all about food, it becomes more about the people. :-)

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