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Happy New Years



Well, it is January..almost at year three for the band..what a long and interesting journey. Full of ups and downs and all sorts of new learning. This last leg as I have mentioned is the hardest. This is the leg that you look at yourself mentally...the walls, the hold outs, the anger, pain, and then letting it all go...well at least giving it the best you can to do this. I know I will continue to grow as the years the pass. I am forever thankful for this final tool which allowed me to move on. It has not been easy and many habits still poke their head up but now I know them for what they are and either allow it or talk myself out of the habit. Each time I get stronger and smarter. Today at weigh in I am at the lowest weight I have been in 27 years...wow...I will take the day to reflect just on that fact. Truly I never thought to see it again..I am so thankful, words can't even express. But for those out there who think they can't do it here is what I offer: Don't give up on yourself, ever..I entered this last go round with the mentality that I did not care HOW LONG it took, as long as I was heading in the downward direction instead of the upward direction. I believe that solid mind set kept me going...and I know I have more to go..plus I am looking at the added skin and how I will deal with it, luckily its not too bad..exercise and surgery may be in my future..I am worth it. How great would it be that on my third anniversary of the band I begin to sculpt my emerging body? Well another goal, or a near goal. For now I will spend the day in thankful reflection....


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