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Too much information

Paula Bee


I have got to stop reading so much information about this procedure, because I am scaring myself. One source says protein is my new best friend; protein and produce. Then, today's Cooking Light magazine said that the Adkins diet had been proven to be unhealthy and we should be eating complex carbs and veggies. What is what?

I am worried that when we get old and on SS that we might not be able to afford the vitamins and protein that we need. I would say that is silly, but it really is a real concern. (It doesn't take much for me to worry :P ) What am I supposed to ask my husband? "Hey, when we are on ss, will you be able to afford me? Will we be able to eat lean protein, or will we have to resort to the pink slime protein or catfood?" It is strange what we think of.

What a world, what a world (the Wicked Witch)

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Oh, wow.. I am using the patient number from my lapband, and it has all my old pictures on it. Look at the first two pictures and add 50 pounds, and that is what I look like. The picture with the blue shirt was actually on the balcony of the hotel when I got my lapband.

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