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Soooooo excited!!!!!! I am scheduled for sleeve surgery Monday, finally get to meet Dr. Ortiz , Dr. Miranda and the staff. I have lost 34 pounds so far and seen so many small changes in my body and abilities. I can tie my shoes without losing my breath because i am bending over, my feet aren't too fat to actually wear the cheap flip flops, my shorts were falling off while exercising yesterday (love it) going up and down stairs with ease, walking longer distances and not being tired, painting my toes, wearing some heels again, feeling so energized, snoring less and sleeping better. I am only a few pounds away from playing wii fit. I feel "cleaner" on the inside, I feel better overall!!! I am looking forward to what I feel like after I lose 100lbs, then 200lbs!!!!!! If you think that you can't do this, I am here to tell you "YES YOU CAN"!!!! A year ago, shoot even 2 months ago, I would have told you there is no way I can do the pre-op, nor did I want to do the post-op diet. But it is not about a "diet" for me, it is a lifestyle change, of being in control of the food I intake instead of it being in control of me. I only cook every other night for my family, it last them 2 days, so I have more time to do other fun thngs. My priorities about food are changing and I love it. My daughter told me the other day, We should eat for survival, not survive to eat!!!!


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