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If you are looking for perfection... don't look at me!



There is a Contemporary Christian Song by Stacie Orrico called "Don't Look at Me". So, that is totally ME!. Here are the lyrics:

Don't look at me if you're looking for perfection

Don't look at me I will only let you down

I'll do my best to point you in the right directon

But don't look at me

No, no, no

Don't look at me, look at Him

So last night, I was really craving something sweet, I wasn't hungry mind you - but with overweight people, being hungry isn't always the reason we eat. So anyway... I got one of those little mini hershey chocolate bars (did I make it sound small? I'm trying to make this wee little miniature chocolate sound super small)! Anyway, I wanted it, I melted it in my mouth and made it last and linger and oh my... it was delicious!

I tell you this not because i'm encouraging anybody to cheat on their pre-op or post-op diet, but because even when we need a little somethin' somethin'... its OK. We don't have to fall off and dive head first into a chocolate fountain (oh my... I just totally pictured myself doing this!) We can have a wee little tiny minature treat, and move on.... stay within our healthy diets and still have a chocolate moment.

Am I following my post op diet very closely... YES! I am very proud of myself. Did I have a little treat yesterday, YES!!! I did! Do I regret it? NOPE... I had a treat, in extreme moderation (really... it was so tiny you could hardly see it)! and I got up today and had my oatmeal, and I'm drinking my Sobe Life Water, and I'm still not hungry!

Remember... follow the pre and post op diets as outlined by Dr. Miranda, but don't kick yourself if you stumble a little.... when it comes to perfection... there is only one! And HE has blessed my life in so many ways, and I know he's not going to hold my little wee miniscule chocolate fix against me :)

If you have any questions... you know how to reach me!


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