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I was able to start on real solid food and it really seems to be helping my energy levels and my gut issues! I think my body just needed something to "work" with! lol

I spoke with another sleeve revision patient yesterday, and she said she had some of the very same issues I was having... you know, making sure there was always a bathroom in sight!

So far, as of noon yesterday, I'm doing better. We'll see if that holds up since I had a few bites of pizza tonight. Mostly just the toppings, but I did have part of a very small piece, it tasted really good, and was really nice to eat with my family... but I can't eat much of it, which is good, as pizza has to be near the top of the list (ok maybe THE top) of my favorite food...

Still amazed how little I am eating and how satisified I feel!

Now... Pizza I realize is not a good weight loss food, I do get that, and I know I didn't get nearly enough protein out of that meal, but again, we were all sitting together, watching a movie, and it was nice, after several weeks on liquids, to just have a few bites of whatever they were eating.

So far, no reflux, which was my biggest concern!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Mother's Day tomorrow!!


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Oh my goodness Lori, pizza is at the top of my list, I live in a very very small town and we got a pizza hut about a year ago. I am sticking to eating healthy during the week, but as soon as I can have solid food, I am veging ( i know that is not spelled right) out on pizza one saturday. I am so glad to hear you are doing better. I have been creating some interesting concoctions since I am not really a soup person. Ex: low fat yogurt, skim milk, strawberries, spinach, powder vitamins, I love it.

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Hi Carol. it tasted sooooo good. I couldn't eat much, but those few bites were heaven. Remember to eat it earlier in the day. I had a little bit too late the other night, just a couple of bites, but I really had some reflux. I seem to be tighter at night, so if I eat after 7pm, I can get reflux. Keep me posted on how you are doing :)

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