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blog-0387878001337016655.jpgI hope everyone had a wonderful Mother's Day with their family! I sure did! My kids (and husband) really wanted to see Avengers. I honestly didn't know that much about the movie, and the Incredible Hulk will always be Bill Bixby and Lou Ferrigno (or so I thought) - anyway... the movie was FABULOUS... My family went for the adventure, and I went for the "gun" show and I couldn't have been more impressed (evil grin) it did not disappoint, and the movie was really good, too! The guy that played Captain America... OMG... the guns on that dude. And Robert Downey, Jr... he's held up very well... mmm mmm mmm (honey if you are reading this, just know I love you and wouldn't trade you for ANYTHING and I did see you observing Scarlet Johansen fairly grippingly, so let's call it even!) and Mark Ruffalo played the Dr. Banner/Hulk really well (he's not hard to look at, either)!

For a little while I thought the smell of buttered popcorn may be too much for me, but I found that I just didn't want it. Yes, it smelled great, and I could almost taste the butter/salt combo from inhaling so deeply, but I just didn't feel like it would be a good choice, and I wasn't sure how my gut would feel about it, so I passed.

I did insist on a drive by to See's on the way home. One treat on mother's day so I had my beloved Bordeaux. Totally worth it!

If you know me, you know I am hooked (HOOKED) on Downton Abbey! My kids got me the book "The World of Downton Abbey" to hold me over until Season 3 starts next year. My poor DVD's of Season 1 & 2 are going to be worn out between me re-watching them and new converts borrowing them to catch up.

My family kept asking what they could make me, or bring home, for a special dinner that night, but I just wasn't hungry. They all got burgers, and I took a couple of bites of my husbands, and that was it, I was full and happy.

It still amazes me how FULL i feel most of the time, even if its because i've had a few sips of vitamin water, or iced tea, I'm just not hungry!


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