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End of Week 6: Post Plic August 31, 2012



OK, I went out of town so couldn't post my week 6 results for this past Friday, August 31st, so here's week 6:

I lost 1.8 lbs during week 6!! Yea!

It's true, I want those 3 lbs lost weeks back, but compared to gaining 4 ozs, i'm elated the scale is going the right way and hopeful I will get more 3lb losses soon.

My constipation (Thank you Dolittle for the MOM recommend!) is now a thing of the past thank GOODNESS! Dolittle recommended milk of mag and WOW is it fantastic! It did not make me diarrhetic and it did not cramp my stomach, ich, a terrible experience, it let me go regularly. It worked in 2 hours so didn't happen instantly and I appreciated that. Aahh, my stomach was regular and not distended for week 6. Relief!

Also, I had a small big victory! I was in whole foods, which I LOVE and I was looking at gluten free cookies, because for the first time I felt like having one, and I was looking at my options, yummy choc chip, sugar cookies, oatmeal, nila and choc wafers, it's amazing how the GF (gluten free) market has expanded! But the cookies were 120 calories for a 50 cent piece sized cookie. I stood there for a moment with the bag in my hand just letting that twirl around in my mind. 120 calories for 1 cookie. Hmmm. Most of my breakfasts have been at an average of 237 calories and I am COMPLETELY full and satisfied. 237 calories. That is less than 2 cookies... At that moment I realized that a moment of wanting a cookie was outweighed by the price of what it would cost. It just wasn't enough. Two cookies would not be satisfying to me. Not the way my 237 calorie breakfasts are, not with my sugar craving past. And these calories could be better spent on other satisfying, filling food I really enjoy. So with that, I put the cookies down, and walked away!

I felt so victorious!! I WON!! I WON!! I still feel victorious!! I WIN. :)


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