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End of Week 7: Post Plic September 7



Today is the end of week 7 for me and it was DEFINITELY a better week! After an extremely pain stakingly slow week 4 and 5, then a slowed 1.8 lb loss week 6 I was starting to feel discouraged but trying with all my might to be positive and note other victories!

I just realized something SUPER EXCITING!! I am HALF way to MY GOAL!!! I have lost 36 lbs and have 36 left to go!!! Here's to making it ALL THE WAAAAAAY!!!

Today is that day of redemption. I lost 3 lbs!!!! WOOOOO HOOOO! It feels SOOO good to see that scale take a dive in numbers. At 185 I feel safely out of those nasty nines! It feels fantastic.

This week my calorie intake hovered between 1150-1190. On two days I went up to 1200 but am most comfortable staying in the 1100's. I actually caught sight of myself in the mirror and wow! I really notice my stomach has slimmed considerably! The jeans that I was finally able to get in to are comfortable and dare I say... roomie! And I can see the change happening. To date, I have lost a whopping 16% of my body weight! Wow. My BMI is 29.0, I have lost 21 lbs post plication and a total of 36lbs! For all these reasons I feel very victorious today. Happy. Steady on.. Steady on!

Just for the record I continue to drink 64 ozs of water a day plus, take the liquid 16 oz of 23 grams of protein. Still take my vitamins and calcium and the metamucil. That development, taking 3 metamucil caps daily was since week 6 when I had the nasty constipation.

All is well. :)

To another high loss week! Cheers!


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