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Update - 1 year and 3 months later



blog-0087988001354849648.jpgIt has been one year and three months since making this life changing decision and I couldn't be happier. I have lost a total of 105 pounds and have been plateaued for over two months now. I have reached the top end of my goal set by Dr. Miranda. I wear a size 12 jeans or a Medium top. I am happy with my success!

I still don't eat bread, pasta or rice. No pop or anything carbonated, or drinking with a straw. Periodically, I enjoy a small bowl of doritos. I love that I can have just the one small bowl and not the whole bag. I feel so much more in control. Food is no longer controlling me. I still struggle with trying to get enough water in me.

It has been difficult for others around me. My dad loved to feed me. Food is his love language. Now he doesn't know what to do except hand me a bottle of water. My husband and I have had to find other ways to celebrate holidays and mile stones. We enjoy the challenge. Eating out has become simple and cheap. We share meals and take home leftovers to create something new the next day.

If you are sitting on the fence regarding this surgery...jump off! Get your life back! Thank you Dr. Ortiz and Obesity Control Center!


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Thank you for sharing your story...Im new on here I will be having my surgery feb 18th...I started off with one Dr. in mexico and ended up switching to Dr. Ortiz...Its a lil nerve racking..But I feel in my heart Im making the right choice by switching to him..Thank you Shawnie

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You won't be sorry. Best care I have ever received! From the pick up at the air port in San Diego to the drop off 5 days later. Everyone was very kind and caring. The people at the Marriot Hotel treated all of us like royalty. Made us feel welcomed and special. I had heard a lot of stories about Tijuana. Most of it was good. They lived up to their reputation and then some. I would highly recommend the Obesity Control Center and Tijuana.

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