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blog-0781402001355854623.gifFour... no matter what language you say it in... I just fit into a pair of size FOUR jeans... yes, me! I love thrift store, bargain hunting. Its a huge thrill to me to find something that i love for less then $10. From my amazing, full length wool coat for $8.88, to my wool peacoat for $6.88 to my Ralph Lauren cords for $3.33 or my Stuart Weitzman pumps for $4.50... I love a bargin, but I have to admit, pulling those 4's off the endless jean rack and looking at them and thinking "no way" - to them sliding in and fitting me perfectly... shocker! Do I think every pair of size 4 pants will fit me... not necessarily. But I had someone tell me that my other jeans were looking too baggy on me - they were 6's...

Its time to do some more shopping... I just love my sleeve!!

The other nice thing about thrift store shopping... when something doesn't fit you anymore, it doesn't hurt so much because you spent so little on it, you can just put it back into the circle of life at the thrift store and find a new treasure... and it helps a good cause!!

My daughter is getting married this saturday, and my son leaves for London the day after Christmas to participate in the New Years parade there... so my next week will be crazy - so my guess is, this is my last post before Christmas so...

Merry Merry Christmas to everyone. Hold your loved ones close, make sure they know you love them. Be a blessing to all you come in contact with, and the best gift you can give yourself, is to help others in need!


1-866-376-7849 ext. 81



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Thanks for for your nice wishes and Merry Christmas to you too. Love your note "Hold your loved ones close, make sure they know you love them", pretty nice words.

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I LOVE this post Lori!! Cuatro por supuesto!! I am so excited for you!!!! I am not sure what size my 'ideal' weight as set by the OCC will leave me at, but even now wearing 9/10's I just feel so freaking skinny I love it!!! LOL Carry on Girlfriend!! Happy Holidays and Happy New Years!!

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You guys are encouraging me. I go on the 14th for sleeve surgery and I can't imagine being below 200 lbs. much less getting in a size 10 pant. Woohoo! Keep up the good work ladies.

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thanks all, I had such a great experience at my daughters wedding... not worried about what angle a picture was being taken at... if i was buldging somewhere...and I totally loved my mother of the bride dress, I was able to just enjoy the day!!

I'll include all that in my next blog post, plus a picture or two :)

You all encourage me so much, you are such a blessing to me!

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