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Mon. March 25, 2013: A 9 week, 3 day "trial run"



Hello Fellow OCC'ers,

Here I am 3 days into week 36 which for me ends this Friday 3/29.

My last entry was at the end of my 6 month anniversary on week 26 January 18, 2013. After that, I decided to go off of my regimental OCC blogging, personal journaling, calorie tracking, way of being and merge myself back into a 'new regular' routine. I wanted to see what that would be like.

What I found is much like what I saw posted in the forum. After 6 months I find myself losing and gaining the same 4 lbs. I fluctuate from 158 - 162 (In my after picture I am at 164). This is without counting calories, eating pretty much what I want (sans sugary stuff), having alcohol occasionally, etc.

Overall, I feel really great. :) I have no complaints! I love being at this weight. I was at 221 and I have lost 60 lbs. It is amazing, this difference! I can wear really nice clothes, and feel great being out and about. I feel sexy. My restriction is fantastic, so portion control is STILL fabulous. I realize this has EVERYTHING to do with strictly adhering to the no eating or drinking within 1 hour of the other. I do. On 3 occasions I have lessened it to 40 minutes. So I guess what I’m saying is I’m discovering how to be flexible, what to allow and when, and how not to take advantage of that and stay in control.

I have set an emergency weight for myself. It is 165. What that means is that while I am fluxing between 158-162 if for some reason I get up to 165, I will do a two week lean and green cleanse, or a juice cleanse, or a liquids cleanse. Hey, two weeks out of my life is WORTH not ballooning up to 221 which I will NEVER again do.

I just love that going through this procedure with the OCC has taught me to control my weight, given me this thin life and given me fantastic tools like lean and green that thanks to fantastic restriction work for me and give me tools to fight possibly going in the other direction.

I feel really happy that I have found this balance. My health is really good. I am good.

Now that I have given myself this time to figure out how to ease back into life without journaling, etcetera, I am ready to enter a new phase. I will keep blogging for up to my first year so others can see if they want what the first year is like. But I will blog monthly instead of weekly. :)

Also, I am just 13 little ole pounds away from my OCC set goal weight of 149 lbs. And while I'm totally happy here at 162, I am going to get down to 149 just to see what that looks like, and so that when I do my one year check up at the OCC I can go in there at goal or a tad lower. :)

All this weight that I have lost so far has been without one single stitch of exercise. I know... terrible for me to admit that.. lol and I’m definitely not saying you should follow my lead. But I have just purchased ZUM BA!!!! And I am going to start working out and tightening up, sooooo, I will give myself until my 1 year anniversary, 4 more months, in July, to lose those additional 13 lbs. :) I got this. Because I'm only 13 lbs. away from goal, I have just posted a before and after picture of myself in the gallery. I figured i'm close enough to goal for all to see the huge difference the OCC has made in my life.

Continued Success Everyone! :)


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Hi Ana, I want to take you for all your entries, you've been such a major source of inspirational and a wealth of knowledge! Your blog and entries helped me made up my mind, so thank you! I had my plication on march 28 and I'm in the middle of major mental cravings, painfully bloated and constipated... I haven't had a vm since the day before my surgery. The pressure in my stomach is so great that I feel I could burst at any moment. Did u have this problem?

I am so thirsty I feel like downing a whole glass of water, then reality sets in as soon as get a painful pressure pain in my chest after my third little sip... How did you managed to stay hydrated??

I would be so forever grateful if you can shine some light down my path cuz I'm not feeling very good right now, please!

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Hi Magpie :)

Congratulations on having your plication on March 28th!! So you're now on day 13.

First the precursor, everything I say here is from personal experience and in no way meant to replace the medical advice the OCC can give you. If you feel like something is wrong, please please contact the OCC. I know I did when I just felt like something seemed too intense. Don't feel like you're bothering them (I did at first...) that is what they are there for and they are good at responding.

Ok, so what I experienced. The bloating, it was the worst! I could not believe how painful GAS could be! Wow. Walking as much as I could helped to bring up the gas. Also I relied quite a bit on papaya enzyme. I still do take it when I feel gassy or bloated (like I do if I eat too much cheese) and it helps to productively get rid of the gas.

Please call the OCC though about feeling the pressure is so great you feel you could burst. Just the language makes me feel like you should call just to have them ask you questions they know to ask to make sure nothing else is going on. Better safe than sorry always. :)

The constipation is the worst too. No fun in addition to gas. When I was still on liquids, drank milk of magnesia (that helped me) or more naturally 2 glasses of prune juice a day. That with water may help you to have a bm.

The problem I had my first couple of days was that the gas was so bad that I felt like something was wrong. As it turned out for me, it was the gas, I just could not believe that something that painful could be gas. As for bowel movements, I think it took me a couple of days to have one, but not over a week. And constipation was something I battled on and off until I found prunes and almonds once I was on regular solid foods. I would ask the OCC though if it has been over 10 days since you've had a bm, that seems long.

The constant thirst you are feeling may be dehydration?? How much liquid (in ounces) are you taking in a day? The way my restriction dictated I do it, was I would have water with me all day long and then I would sip it every, at first 5 minutes or until I felt the drink go into my stomach and settle enough for me to drink more. It's really the time that I began the relationship of listening to my new body and what it needed, so if you get bloated too fast with the drinking, it could be to fast.

Also, one thing I learned was that at first, when I was drinking, my sips were too small. I was afraid to drink too fast with my new little banana stomach! Dr. SO told me that I needed to take a bigger drink because taking sips that were as small as I was taking in were going to make me gassier. I guess if I could describe the sips I was taking, it would be like 1/4th of a tablespoon at a time... yep.. I was that concerned to drink too much!

I went through a period of 3 weeks or so where I started to get dehydrated. I drank pedialyte for that and then found other drinks with electrolytes that specifically addressed hydration. After 3 -4 weeks I was able to finally drink steadily all day long (with breaks in between of course) so my hydration was much better. My friend though, that I met at the OCC who is a nurse ended up getting a hydration drip (I-V) at her hospital (work) because her dehydration was more severe than mine, so again, I would call the OCC.

For the mental hunger, what I did, was when I would get that, I would outside and get fresh air. Writing what your triggers are helps too. For me, mental hunger was a way to distance myself from uncomfortable feelings, so, once I started to understand that I could say things to myself like, "you don't have to eat to feel good inside..." that kind of thing, it really helped to minimize it. Protein is also great at taking away the hunger pangs for me. It's all a learning process about ourselves.

Keep in touch Magpie, and please please do call the OCC. I"ll check back here for your reply. Take Care, *HUGS*

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