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Nearly 1 year!




I am coming up on my one year plic-anniversary. It has been an amazing year. All told so far I have lost 56 lbs. I keep hovering around 165. I am still 16 lbs away from the ideal set for me at the clinic of 149. I had planned to begin zumba fitness and have yet to start!

It has been a C H A O T I C time since I wrote in March. My family has gone through some huge crisis and that has enveloped much of my 'should have been productive' time. I am left feeling sort of physically drained, so no zumba yet.

But every cloud has a silver lining and I can honestly say that I am amazed that I have not piled on 20 lbs during this time, which would HAVE been the outcome before plication. I have fluctuated from 163-167 during this time and am now at 165.

I am starting to see the light at the end of the tunnel from this fam.-fiasco and now have to figure out how to realistically become active. A thing in motion stays in motion and all that. I think I need an excercise buddy. That would help. :P

My restriction still feels pretty good. I have been having major issues with constipation again. This is pretty significant considering I eat a daily regiment of almonds and prunes which helps with that. I called my advice nurse and she said that I should drink warm prune juice, warm is the key apparently. I drink about 4-6 ozs. warmed in the microwave for a minute and then can get results within 20 - 30 minutes or so. I wish I could get on without having to do this while simultaneously being grateful at least there is something that works for me.

I notice that my body seems to work better when I juice. I do ths every other week and it feels really good. I had previously juiced 5 days in a row, lost 5 lbs then put it back on right after, so I changed it up some. Now I juice twice a day for 3 days, eat a sensible meal (like lean and green but the juicing replaces the protein shakes and soup) and then for the next 4 days I juice for breakfast, have a protein shake for lunch and sensible dinner. This results in lasting weight loss which is the key here.

I think that I need to start counting my calories again. Having gotten away from that for a time was nice, and I will at some point go without it again, but for now, I really need to track myself because of all the weight fluctuating and constipation.

Ok. I will report back at one year! I will also be making my 1 year follow up appointment at the OCC soon, but likely it will be on or around mid-August because I have to save up for the follow up and the travel etc. etc.

Happy Losing All :)


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