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16 days post op and learning to live with my new way of eating



Well it has been 16 days post op and things have definitely started to improve from the pain standpoint. The cramping that was so bad is now gone for the most part and is really only problematic if I get too hungry. I had to move through the liquid phase much faster as I learned that, for me, my cramping was worse without something of substance in my stomach. I started to puree my food around day 13 to a watery consistency working my way up to baby food consistency over the next few days and am now eating very soft foods like scrambled eggs. For me, this has been helpful. Keep in mind I can eat only about 2-3 Tbs at a time but this seems to keep the cramping at bay as well as the gas. I don't recommend this for everyone else as their is a reason the diet is to be followed as prescribed by OCC, it was just I had to do something on my own to alleviate the cramping.

My weight loss is finally starting to move in the right direction, and thank goodness for that, as eating 600 calories a day better do something!! I started out at 274 three weeks prior to surgery and was 256 the day of. 262 the day after (fluids from the IV), 256 7 days post op, right around 250 14 days out and today am 246 16 days post op. When I average the loss it is about 3 pounds a week right now. I know this will slow down as the weight loss continues and my BMR comes down due to the loss but at this point I just want to live as normal as a life as possible.

It has been quite an adjustment for me to learn the feeling of fulness, To be honest, I could eat well beyond full prior to my surgery, and would do so on a regular basis. This tool (the plication) has given me great incentive to not over due things. I DO NOT want to throw up or be in total misery because of overeating, so I really try to listen to myself about when enough is enough. It is just hard to believe that 2-3 Tbs of food is enough when you are used to eating 2-3 cups of something. I've learned other tricks to not stretch my plication or make myself sick. It has been very difficult to get over the whole not eating and drinking at the same time and to wait 45 minutes after eating to drink. I found a timer app for my phone and set it for 45 minutes at my last bite so I know when it is ok for me to start drinking. It hard to get 64 oz of liquid in when you don't drink at meals!

I will keep working on keeping focused. Now that I have lost close to 30 lbs people are starting to notice. (I am 6 feet tall so it took some time for it to be noticeable) when people start to notice it starts to get more fun. It's also more fun when you can breath better and tie your shoes easier!


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