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blog-0261322001385842005.jpgHello everyone.

I have returned. I am 4th day postop. I had plication surgery on Tuesday and returned home on Thanksgiving Day. Let me tell you about my experience. Overall it was great.

My husband and I flew in the day before surgery. I was picked up at the airport and was taken to the Center. It was quite a long day for me as I was unable to sleep the night before and we had to get up at 3 am in order to make our flight. At the center I had to wait my turn to see the nutritionist, cardiologist and have my lab work. We were then taken to the Marriott and OMG is it nice. Everything marble and glass. The Marriott is responsible for taking you back and forth to the clinic and the drivers are friendly and are quite open and appreciative of the fact we are bringing dollars to their economy. One driver even gave me a little tour of the area on my way back to the hotel one day. And as expected everyone helps with your bags. I would suggest packing light because you do tote your luggage around with you some. For instance the day we arrived and were taken straight to the clinic as well as surgery day I took my case with me even though I returned for an extra night at the hotel.

Surgery day......was taken from the hotel to the Center and unbeknowst to me I was first on the schedule. An IV was started and we visited with Dr. Martinez for at least 20 minutes prior to having the surgery. Very nice man. Speaks excellent English. He literally walked me through the surgery doors. The Anesthesiologist prepared me for surgery and one minute we were talking soccer and the next I knew I was in recovery. Dr. Martinez brought my husband to my side to see that I was okay and eventually I was moved to my room. I was up and moving around going to the bathroom in no time. I know you all want to know about the pain. I was in very little pain but then again they make sure you have medication before you ask for it but I really didn't feel but abdominal discomfort.

After surgery Dr. Ortiz came in and spoke with us and he seemed like family. I think we talked about everything and anything but then again I was post op and some of it I can't remember.

We had a physician on staff the night of surgery that would check in on us as well as our nurse. Both were very nice. The next morning we had barium swallows performed to see how our pouches looked and was receiving and processing liquids. We were told to get dressed and we were being disharged. If I would have anything at all negative to say about the facility is the fact there is no expectation of you showering the morning of your discharge. And to be fair, I did not ask but the shower in the restroom had a few things stored in it so there was the assumption on my part it was not to be used. Other than that......everything was great.

I guess I am big on the shower thing as I know that some of the patients were leaving the Center and flying home that day. I can't imagine. First of all I was weak and shaky and was lacking sleep due to anxiousness and scheduling.

Anyway was discharged back to the hotel were my husband and I were slugs all day, ordered room service and slept. And as mentioned by others, the Marriott provides broth, water and popsicles for you and are happy to do so.

Thanksgiving morning. Up early, driver from the Center took us to the airport. My only other negative comment could not be controlled by the Center. Our driver had to let us off with our luggage at the border. We had to walk a short way through customs but then had to meet him a good block plus with our luggage, walking slighty uphill. (Another reason to pack light) I am disabled with a cane and with just having surgery I felt pretty weak and shaky by the time we met back up with the van.

Now to how I am feeling. Some stomach cramps. Every sip of water I can feel it with a bit of cramping. I am assuming this is due to post op swelling and the fact that my stomach has been "messed with". Yesterday was a rough day for me. I was reading my facebook and seeing pictures of Thanksgiving dinners and I could literally taste the stuffing, potatoes, cranberry sauces, etc etc and had a little pity party for myself as I was still trying to manage sip sip sipping my liquids. I couldn't "cheat" even if I wanted to.

I am not hungry though when my husband ate his dinner the smell of chicken really triggered that food memory and I "thought" I was hungry. Today is better. I am able to consume my protein shake without as much cramping which in my mind means I am healing. My abdomen is still sore and I will have a twinge or two in one post op area. And along the line of TMI I had a small BM today. I know others were worried about that but I figured not much has been going in so how can I expect there to be much going out? Just keep moving around and let nature take it's course with gas release etc.

Okay, this is more of a book than I intended. I will be happy to answer any questions I have not addressed.

Will update in a few days. Everyone take care.


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Dear MissyBlake... I am thinking about taking the plunge on June 2nd 2014... I am scared but I know I will be dead in 20 years if I don't address this obesity issue now... thanks for your nice story... tell me is your weight loss still holding.. I am determined this is the right thing for.

God bless


and thanks again for sharing

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Thank you Jen. My name is Debra.

The only regret that I have is that I did not do it sooner. I am hoping this gets to you as I have struggled all day with the website in responding. If you would like you can reach me at my email outside of this at dmbrott@yahoo.com.

I will be 7 weeks since surgery this coming Tuesday and I have lost 41 lbs since I started the journey. I have been at a standstill for the past few days.

It is a life change as well as a tool. I have to be constantly aware of needing protein versus junk. I am now on "real" food and find I can eat just about anything but have to be selective.

I am cutting this short hoping it will go through to you.

Best wishes

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