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3 Weeks Post OP



Hello New World

Tomorrow it will be 3 weeks since I had my weight loss surgery and start on a new life. Had a bit of a rough patch for a few days after my last post which was about 5 or 6 days post op. I got weak, shaky and felt near passing out a few times but working with my nutritionist and Dr. So we got on top of that problem and within a few days felt better. I needed more protein!!

Let's cut to the chase......what you really want to know is how much weight have I lost. I won't hold you hostage anymore.....since surgery I have lost 18 lbs. Since I started this journey I have lost 31. I couldn't be more pleased. And folks.....I walk with a cane and get very little exercise so think what you can do with walking and using this surgery as a tool.

One of the things the nutritionist helped me with is putting my protein powder in sugar free pudding. I was making an 8 oz protein shake and it was taking me FOREVER to get it down with the reduced size of my stomach. It left very little time for anything else. They also tell you to plan your meals which you really need to do in order to make sure you drink enough in between any meals.

With being disabled I surf the net A LOT!! I read just about anything I can find on bariatric weight loss, symptoms, foods etc. At first I was thinking that the post op regime was made up by the OCC. Let me tell you folks it is pretty much standard across the board so there is a reason for doing what they tell us with the clear liquids, thicker liquids etc.

Remember, although you have a few holes in your from the instruments what we had is still considered major surgery so take care of yourself and follow the program.

There are times that I now feel like I am having cramps. Guess what? Your stomach is hungry so feed it something. But I can honestly say I don't "feel" like I am hungry, at least not mentally. My stomach tells me so but I should have not let it tell me it was hungry hence what I am telling you about making a schedule. Your nutritionist will go over this with you.

Well I am done with the soap box. So far I have healed nicely and feel progressing along right on schedule. I would be happy to answer any questions privately at dmbrott@yahoo.com.

Take care....until next time.........MERRY CHRISTMAS and HAPPY NEW YEAR.




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Thanks so much for even posting on here. To me - there is never TMI. Are you saying you worked with a nutritionist at the center and then found another one when you returned home ? My insurance doesn't cover this, and I've been told I may be SOL when I return. What has your experience been with that ? Also, I'm a bit freaked out having to walk through customs at the border, down a block and up a hill. Right now, I don't know if I'll be by myself or not. Do you think you could have handled being by yourself at the hotel ? Well - thanks and hope to hear from you.

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I have traveled a lot on my own including out of the US and have done fine. To answer your questions the nutritionist I speak of are those at the center. They are available to you anytime as well as Dr. So. Dr. So will even give you his home phone number. So I would not worry about a nutritionist once you get home. I have not felt the need for one here as I get a fairly fast response from them. I did make sure that I checked in with my primary care physician to get him on board with my routine and what was going on with me.

Personally I think you can do the "customs walk". Customs is not scarey. They will ask you why you were there and I said surgery. They then asked if I had meds and I said yes and they asked muscle relaxers and I said no and they sent me on my way. I kept the meds in my purse along with the signed prescription the OCC gives you just in case I needed it to show customs.

Like I mentioned I have extremely bad knees and a bad hip which requires me to walk with a cane and if at home a walker. Handling my suitcase would have been a chore. Plus not getting any exercise I was quite winded with the walk as I am not used to doing anything but generally car to destination and vice versa. I would pack light. You don't need a bunch of items. Hotel has a hair dryer and toiletries. You are not going anywhere except airport-clinic-hotel-clinic-airport. Have a case with wheels.

If you have any disabilities then when you book your airfare ask for gait assistance. Once I checked in they had someone immediately show with a wheelchair and wheeled me to and helped me through security and wheeled me to my gait. Also when I transferred there was a chair waiting for me at the plane door and took me to my next gait. That helped me A LOT!!

As far as the hotel they treat you like royalty. Everyone is aware you are from the clinic and they seem to go out of their way to accomodate. WHen you call for room service they are there immediately. I have read a lot of others that actually feel well enough and strong enough to browse the beautiful gardens there. As with all door men, bell hops etc I always made sure to tip them at least 2 US dollars each time for their help.

You will do fine. Any more questions feel free to ask.


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After we were picked up at the airport I got to stay in the van while my husband took our luggage through the building with the other occupants of the van and their luggage. The customs officers checked me out that I was not feeling well as well as having a cane. We sat at the curb in the van and I could see them literally just walk from one end to the other and it didn't take but a few minutes.

However leaving Mexico was different. There are two different border crossings. I can not remember off hand the name of the one we went through. It seemed we went a bit further south. At it we were separated and there was a wall or divider between us and the hook up point was approximately one block away. Hope this answers your question.

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