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Surgery Monday Sept 22nd!!



I really enjoy reading everyone's posts but can't quite figure out my way around this place. And, I'm not exactly sure what a blog is but it took me awhile to get to this point. So - with time- hope I'll get this figured out.

Anyway - I am on my last day of the preop diet then tomorrow I go to liquids. Monday - my 36th birthday - I will be having my surgery. A lot of you talk about traveling to get the procedure done. My travel will consist of about a ten minute drive to our local hospital. I was able to get my insurance to cover the procedure so feel very blessed. Although the distraction of a little vacation I'm sure has it's benefits too!!

I will just be so grateful when the procedure is over. I've pretty much just spent the last couple of weeks conjuring up things in my head to worry about. I worry what if my fatty liver is too 'fatty'? My surgeon said he has done 300 of these surgeries and only once was unable to perform the procedure. I have really scaled back on my caloric intake as told for the preop diet but couldn't hardly stomach those slimfast shakes. I've only lost 4 lbs. Guess at this point it's out of my hands. Wish me luck! :lb12:


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