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Am I the only one seemingly to be suckered into waiting and waiting for the release of this new product? Many weeks ago I thought we were down to days and logged on again to purchase to find we were days out again. On Thursday, I took a picture of the "days until release" it stated 2 days 19 hrs 18 min and 52 seconds. Now it is Sunday(at least a full 2 days later) and guess what? We are now another 1 day so many hrs etc etc until release. What is up with this does anyone know? I really like the protein powder that I bought through here and wanted to wait and support the OCC but I am tired of waiting and being put off.

If anyone knows what is going on I sure would appreciate some solid information otherwise I am shopping local.


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Hi Missy, you weren't suckered in, we had supplier problems, we refused to go with a sub par product and change our provider. Product is arriving today or tomorrow and we will launch the website by Thursday or Friday. We have been so excited about this new product that we did get a bit ahead of ourselves with the website because we believed and trusted in a supplier that let us down and we took the road of patience to get the best possible product. We regret any inconvenience this may have caused our patients. We were all disappointed in the wait! All products should be available to ship this week, we aren't putting the website ordering up until we HAVE THE PRODUCT IN HAND... we aren't waiting on promises, we are waiting on fact.

You won't be disappointed! So excited for all the amazing products for the VITALEPH line!

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Thank you LoriBecky for replying to my post. I did order another protein powder from another site and did waste my money as I did not like it and it was too foamy. But what if I had liked it? You would have lost a customer. Your response was it will be ready to ship this week. Here it is Thursday evening and no availability STILL. I understand the need for putting out the best product possible and appreciate your transparency but that transparency needs to be put on your website and not just a response to my disgruntled blog. This is terribly frustrating......I am totally out of protein powder and depend upon it as at least one meal replacement a day. Sad sad sad...................

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