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So Nutrisystem was a bust. Too damn expensive for the product. Didn't lose much of anything either. Now school is in session and I'm realizing just how tired of battling my weight I am. Too much stress and worry to control my cravings. Brain power takes fat as fuel and I'm feeling the effects. Still hanging around the low 240s. Planning on GSP in Dec. I'm resolved on this issue. Mom is supportive and we're making a Christmas trip out of it. So I'll be close to the surgery site for a week after should any complications arise. I'm choosing surgery because I'm afraid for my future health. Turning 30 has shifted my focus from narcissism to health. I don't care if my hair falls out or if I end up with loose skin and saggy boobs (I'm barely a C cup even with this extra weight). Hair grows back, plastics for all the rest. I'm going to find some time in my schedule to put on some muscle before the big day. I feel like it'll help with healing time. Don't know if I'm right.


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