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So I finally got myself to the campus gym. Looking at all the bods 10 years younger than me was daunting, but then I remember that I was just like them and I say to them in my mind 'This is what you have to look forward to kids so keep sweating'. Maybe not being morbidly obese, but the struggle for sure. Of course, I'm not like others my age either (30) as my narcolepsy has given me a metabolism closer to 40yo. It's a big reason why I'm getting surgery. I'm not normal so why should my stomach be?! I'm metabolically stunted with a binge eating disorder that used to be bulimia nervosa. I'm just tired of purging really (long workouts & fasting, not puking). Suffering for my health is not new to me. If I would've thought that I could've done this when I was at bmi 29,I should've. That point has long past and I'm done with riding this train.

So I did some weight training. I couldn't finish my planned set but it's a start. I don't do cardio. I walk and dance but forget mindless jogging. Weight training produces a longer, more efficient caloric burn. Plus the added muscle will help me heal faster come surgery time.


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