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blog-0025584001422322486.jpgI know this isn't a new subject for me, but I think some of our newbies need to hear this again. After weight loss surgery your size will be changing rapidly. Why spend all that money on clothes that you won't be wearing for very long?

C'mon people.... let's go pop some tags!

I bought almost all of my clothes at thrift stores or consignment stores as I was losing weight. And to be honest... these are still my "go to" stores. I love antiquing and I love browsing for that next great find at thrift stores. I've been at my goal weight for quite awhile now, but if I can spend less money and buy more things... I'M SO THERE!!!

Last weekend my wonderful husband took me on a weekend getaway that was very much needed. On the way to Marina del Rey we hit some thrift stores - some in high end neighborhoods (always my favorite!) and as always, i wasn't disappointed!

I got some great items, but my favorite was a scrumptious leather jacket. Sure, I need to replace a couple of buttons... but for $39 bucks for an easily $300+ leather jacket - I'm OK with that (it amazes me what rich people will donate!!) there isn't a mark on this jacket - just 2 missing buttons which I bought on Etsy for a total of $6!

I say this because too often when we are overweight - we clothe ourselves in ill fitting, old clothes... sometimes because we feel we don't deserve to spend money on clothes or because we keep thinking we'll finally lose the weight and THEN we'll spend the money... well.. you are on your way, but you still deserve to look great on the way to your destination... this is a journey, and the motivation of looking good is real... and when you can buy a new pair of jeans at Goodwill for $4... just do it! Even if you won't wear them for long... you can donate them back and buy yourself another pair for $4 (or even less). Go find yourself something to wear.... feel great about yourself and stay motivated! You may even find something really nice... like my beautiful leather jacket.

If you aren't a thrift store person... maybe start a clothing exchange at church or with other weight loss surgery patients in your area. Most major hospitals run support groups... find out... get involved...and look great doing it!

C'mon guys... let's go pop some tags and look great doing it!


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