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A simple quote... but wow... super powerful.

I was reading though some things today, super busy at work, but this really caught my eye. I think in my head, sometimes, I still put myself down for resorting to weight loss surgery, like i gave up. Why do i do this to myself? When i know that 95% of people that try to lose more then 50 pounds on their own will fill. They either won't reach their goal, or even worse (and I had been there many many times) they will hit that goal... and slowly but surely the weight creeps back on... usually bringing some of its friends along. Then each time we try again (and again and again) the weight comes off more slowly, its harder to lose, and it creeps back even faster. We have messed with our metabolism one too many times. Then we start to develop health and physical complications from not just the excess weight, but the unhealthy means we have gone to to lose weight, then gain it back... lose some... gain more... yo yo.

But this time.. i knew reaching out would make things different... I knew I just needed that helping hand... that tool to help me get on track, stay on track, and lose the weight, not just some of it, but enough to really get me to a healthier place. Lose it and keep it off. I knew this wasn't a magic wand, i knew i still had to put in the time, put in the effort, i had to werk it girlfriend... and I was ready. It wasn't just that I was lazy before, or that I gave up too soon (which, yes... admittedly, i did at times) but I was ready to ask for the help i knew I really needed to make it happen... i started to believe it could happen... and you know what... it did...

I always say this, but i'm not sure people believe me, I wasn't an unhappy fat person. I was still fairly active, had a wonderful marriage, wonderful kids, but I knew what was coming... I knew I had to make change happen to continue to be happy, to feel well, to be stronger... am I happier now... YES, but I don't think its just due to the weight loss... I think its because I believed in myself enough to spend money on ME... invest in my future... the surgery gave me that confidence to find my inner strength. To believe in myself... so she did...

So can you... are you ready to have your "after". Whatever that is... weight loss, health, happiness, that "after" can mean a lot of things...

believe it you can... and you will!

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