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The insurance game



After playing the insurance game and going to several local plastic surgeons for consultations, I've decided to go to the Cosmed Clinic and have Dr. Quiroz do my Lower Body Lift (LBL). Insurance providers, like the one I have,, which is United Health Care, have made it almost impossible to qualify for a front Tummy Tuck. A front TT is the only procedure they'll pay for, but it has to be a medical necessity. But they don't care, they keep denying. Being that I want the LBL or what they call in the USA, a Beltlipectomy, I was going to have to make up the cost difference. A LBL is twice as expensive as a TT. I could go to Cosmed for the price of a TT here in the USA and get a LBL. I also couldn't find any local plastic surgery surgeons that gave me the confidence that Dr. Quiroz gave me about the quality of work they would perform. A year ago when I was at the OCC for a friends lapband surgery, I went to the Cosmed Clinic for my first and free consultation with Dr. Quiroz. Dr. Quiroz has a great reputation and I talked to several lapbanders that used him for their LBL and everyone was very pleased with their results. Dr. Ortiz and Dr. Quiroz are close friends, so if you have had your lapband surgey done at the OCC, your consultation at the Cosmed is free. But I wanted to try to have the LBL done here in my home area, So I came back home and started the insurance game with my provider, my family doctor and plastic surgeon. We built a case of medical need, but they still denyed. This went on for a year. Needless to say,, my opinion of insurance companies isn't very high. Most of you already know this yourselves,, having to deal with your lapbanding. I have scheduled the LBL for October 21st, I'll be flying into San Diego on the 20th. This last week I have been doing some pre-surgery lab work and getting ready for my LBL, like making list of stuff to bring and stuff like that. Cosmed sends you a lab order so you can take it to your local medical lab and have some important tests done before you get out to TJ. All the tests cost me out of pocket around $200. After my surgery I'll be staying at Recovery by the Sea for a week. I'll be reporting on their service of aftercare on my blog too. Cosmed Clinic is in the process of building a new faculity which will have their own aftercare. Their new surgery center is supposed to be finished sometime next year. So,,, This is my first entry on my blog,, I'll try to add new stuff as I go,, so stay tuned. LOL

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