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Getting Ready




Things are moving along,, airfare is booked, lab tests are faxed in and a deposit check has been sent to Cosmed and Recovery by the Sea. I'm going over my mini list of stuff I must have, like passport, cash, you know, important stuff. Hey, I'm a guy,, as long as I have my passport, some cash and clean underware,, I'm good to go. I contacted Rene at the OCC and scheduled a band UNFILL. I'm waiting to here back from Dr. Quiroz to what he wants me to do concerning my band saline level. Right now I have 2.4cc's in my 4cc band. I can say that I'm on the tight end of restriction. I've always had better results with my weight loss running a little tight than a little loose. But, like I've said before, everyone is different. I'm thinking I might have the OCC take out maybe 1cc. My thought is to not have to worry about restriction while I'm doing recovery for a LBL. From what I've heard I'm going to be in pain from the LBL, so why worry about eating and PBing and getting food stuck. One of my biggest concerns with the band is my port. Since I've lost 95lbs, my port sticks out some,, not a lot, but some. But with the LBL, is it going to really stick out?? This is a question I'll address with Dr. Martinez while I'm at the OCC. Oh, one more thing, when I was talking to Vicki at Recovery by the Sea (RBTS) (she is so sweet too!) She told me I needed to go to Walmart, buy and bring along a pack of "Wife Beater" T-Shirts,, to wear in recovery, OMG! My guess is because their cheap, white and you can throw them away after you've messed them all up. Yuk! Wifebeaters are so NOT me. This will probably be my last entry till I arrive in TJ on Monday the 20th. C ya



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