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  1. Back up to 161. Procedure 4 months ago. That is 7 lbs less than the before-procedural weight of 168 and 21 lbs less than pre-op starting weight. It appears that most weight was lost on the pre-op diet prep but that has been a sustainable loss after the procedure. I think I have hit my setpoint weight. I see no further weight loss trend. My desired goal was 150 and I thought 155 would be acceptable. I don't see my weight going in that direction as it is now straddling 160. My diet is stable and is less than half the calorie intake before surgery--estimate 1200 daily. The appetite is
  2. I have a bichon/poodle! "Poochon"!

  3. Nearly 4 months post op-just broke 160 to 159.2. That's nearly 10 lbs less than post op weight of 168. The new eating lifestyle change is well-managed. Preference is for for protein-rich foods. Don't miss carbs much at all. Still must restrain wine drinking consciously. No more beer as there is just no room in the small storage locker for all those bubbles! Am still very compliant with nutrient supplementation but despite all efforts, have noticed greater than average hair loss in the last month. Not clumps, just uniform loss. Have found online shopping for protein-rich
  4. Since June 27, (the last post), I have lost .6 lbs. That's POINT 6. Total: preop 168 lbs and 60+ days later 163.4 lbs. HOWEVER, I am down nearly 2 dress sizes. I shopped for pants as my Size 16 was hanging down so far on my hip that I feared a wardrobe failure! O my small frame, Size 12 was just a little too roomy and the Size 10 was just a little snug. So, I decided to wait to buy pants until I can fit comfortably in Size 10. At this rate, it'll be another 2 months! Another benefit is that the hunger is much softer than before and, the food preferences seemed to have shift
  5. I am now 2 lbs lighter than my lowest weight after my plication. I have incorporated my playfriend into my dietary regime and he is extremely supportive of a household with two completely different diets. I now have more respect for the power of Not Paying Attention and Making Excuses in the process of gaining weight.
  6. Would like to hear more from you ladies about your experiences with your weight loss stalls. It seems like the only reliable information on this subject is anecdotal from those who experience it. I am also stalled; after 46 days post op, my weight has gone down 3 lbs. I have been totally compliant with the program.
  7. I would like to know more about the question of doing "invasive" ie bloody dental work during the same time period as a bariatric procedure. As a retired registered nurse, I would think that his might muddy the waters if an infection happens. It would be a great add-on service for patients but are there safeguards for bariatric patients? Is this perhaps why the dental clinic is not promoted? Is it an independent provider and unconnected with OCC? I was looking for a dentist during my post-op waiting time as I need a crown but was too unfamiliar with the language to feel comfortable with a
  8. 163 today (166 preop) Fat % down to 37.5% (41.4% preop). Weight loss is agonizingly slow considering my dramatic change in diet. Have cut out all wine; previously 2 glasses per day. That is 2-3 bottles/week. Carb intake is incidental since protein is first. Appetite and hunger pretty much minimal which is a HUGE relief since intense hunger has always been THE most problematic part of the weight issue. Current Intake is about 800 cal/day. I believe my BMR is about 1100-1200 daily. Activity levels unchanged pre-post op. So the deficit is around 300 daily which is a lb every 10 day
  9. I received a private email from a pre-op patient and I thought it would be appropriate to weigh in at this point which is 37 days post-op: Depends on how you measure success. I have been on an extended weight stall (4 weeks no change!) despite the low calories of the post-op regimen. However, I am losing fat and the percentage keeps falling slowly and my clothes are becoming droopy. That being said, I am 68 years old, am lightly active and have always had a very difficult time losing weight. My calorie intake is around 800 daily. My most notable success solves a lifelon
  10. I did hear from OCC and they responded: I am still in the 40 day window; in fact, I am 24 days post-procedure. Am following the program. Still stalled at 166 which is 2 lbs less than pre-op weight following the Atkins diet and two weeks of fluids only (182 lb-168lb). I have changed my evil ways with my merlot and substituted protein shakes. More activity is just now starting, as my deconditioning fatigue from pre- and post-op liquid was numbing and I bet I lost a lot of muscle mass. I could hardly drag myself up a flight of stairs without being dog tired! The supplements and diet
  11. Is this service still available?
  12. So, I weighed in at 168 after weighing the morning of my flight at 169 so I am pretty sure that the starting weight is accurate with my home scale. When I got back, the next day I weighed 176--eight pounds more than my starting weight despite another week of clear fluids since my pre-op weigh-in. I emailed OCC with this concern but I have not heard back from them with any reasonable explanation. The only difference I can identify is that I did not take the blood pressure meds during 5 day post-op period and restarted once I returned home. The reason I did not take blood pressure meds
  13. I am almost 68 yrs old and just had VSG on May 9th. I am 3 weeks post op. If Gigi is still reading, I can share my experiences with Dr. Ortiz and answer specific questions. Email movinsue@gmail.com
  14. I'd like to hear more about your story and that of others too with the same problem. This is not a new, unheard of problem. It is very personal and hurtful experience for you (as well as to the "0" contestant) and there is no decent science on the phenomenon to explain it or to help those experiencing it to at least understand it. The common lame excuse work ie "calories in, calories out" does not explain what is happening. Obesity science can learn much by learning about the body's mechanisms to defeat weight loss. We all know the blah blah 'diet and exercise' is not the whole stor
  15. I was browsing this website and caught a thread about "age" and bariatric surgery. The participants were mostly in their mid-50's--ha babies to me! I clicked and realized that most posts were 5-6 years old. So, I decided to start a new thread. I am a 67 year old female in good health. I had a gastric plication with Dr. Ortiz in 2011. In 2014, I changed my lifestyle to incorporate more "fun" with a partner! While alone, I was easily able to engineer my household to meet my dietary needs. However, I noticed a "creeping up" of weight in 2015. My first denial was that is a natural age
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