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  1. kellyct


    So, last Sept 2016 I had a total hysterectomy with complications. I was on bed rest for 3 months, low bp, low blood count, huge hematomia in pelvic area. so to say really sick. Since getting back on my feet, the hormones or lack of hormones are killing me. I have gained 25 lbs back. It seems I can gain weight overnight. Help Help please.
  2. I am almost 3 months post op. down 61 lbs from start. went from a size 16 to a size 10. I am feeling great and getting use to the mirror and how I look. I dont have much more to loose, but I have hit a wall for the past 3 weeks. My family says I shouldn't loose any more cause I look great, but that scale still calls me. Any words of wisdom.
  3. I had the same problem with eggs. Had a panic attack cause it got stuck. It feels like a lump in the chest.
  4. kellyct

    new me

    Day one of full foods. didn't even realize it. what should I have for my first meal. LOL
  5. Hi Tyler, Im from Edmonton also. Surgery is scheduled for May. Would love to know the vitamins that you switched to.
  6. kellyct


    My first post. Surgery date is booked May 08, 2015. Day 4 of liquid pre op diet. surprised that I am not hungry. Protein shakes, veg soup and jello. down 17 lbs from start weight. Started to get a bit teary eyed thinking about the change. Was supposed to have surgery 1 1/2 ago but had infected gallbladder which required surgery and then 6 months of waiting. So cross fingers and hope that everything turns out fine this time. Looking forward to family wedding in July. New dress.
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