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  1. Back up to 161. Procedure 4 months ago.  That is 7 lbs less than the before-procedural weight of 168 and 21 lbs less than pre-op starting weight.  It appears that most weight was lost on the pre-op diet prep but that has been a sustainable loss after the procedure. I think I have hit my setpoint weight.  I see no further weight loss trend.  My desired goal was 150 and I thought 155 would be acceptable.  I don't see my weight going in that direction as it is now straddling 160.

    My diet is stable and is less than half the calorie intake before surgery--estimate 1200 daily.  The appetite is still suppressed and that is what is doing most of the heavy lift here.  I don't have painful hunger pangs and the stomach is happy with low volume of food.   Have been following dietary recommendations and nutritional supplements Nearly Religiously!  Carbs very minimal.  Protein max.  Wine drinking drastically reduced from 2 daily to 2-3 weekly.  Foods purchased in portion control containers.

    I could probably lose more by going back to liquid nutrition and cutting out ALL the wine and carbs.  Of course, I could also do exercise but I am quite protective of my two replacement hips and that is not a sustainable option.  Yes, I know I could do pushups and squats and add some muscle which might benefit a smidgeon in the long run but the  "juice is not worth the squeeze."

    I don't believe I can do much more without negatively impacting my life satisfaction. At this point, I am satisfied that "enough is enough".

  2. Nearly 4 months post op-just broke 160 to 159.2.  That's nearly 10 lbs less than post op weight of 168.

    The new eating lifestyle change is well-managed.  Preference is for for protein-rich foods.  Don't miss carbs much at all.  Still must restrain wine drinking consciously.  No more beer as there is just no room in the small storage locker for all those bubbles! 

    Am still very compliant with nutrient supplementation but despite all efforts, have noticed greater than average hair loss in the last month.  Not clumps, just uniform loss. 

    Have found online shopping for protein-rich food to be helpful especially with granolas to add to greek yogurt, high protein oatmeal and nut bars for meal replacement and snacks.  No exercise as I have both hips replaced and live in a rural hilly area with uneven and changing terrain even for walking carefully.  Ice cream habit modified to nightly kiddie-cone.

    I do not consider this to be a weight loss stall.  It is just slow because I am apparently hovering at equilibrium in the short term.  It may take me a year to find my steady state weight. 

    Overall, I am pleased with the major change in one aspect of this problem; the knawing hunger imperative!  This pain is so reduced as to be not a factor in my awareness.  In the past, it had dominated my life to a point where I could not carry on normal activities until I fed.   The hunger urge I feel now is quite subdued and gentle compared with the past.  This is such a relief- so much so that, even without weight loss, this procedure was well worth it.  Losing 4 pants sizes (size 16 to size 10) is a bonus!


  3. Since June 27, (the last post), I have lost .6 lbs.   That's POINT 6.   Total:  preop 168 lbs and 60+ days later 163.4 lbs. 

    HOWEVER, I am down nearly 2 dress sizes.  I shopped for pants as my Size 16 was hanging down so far on my hip that I feared a wardrobe failure!  O my small frame, Size 12 was just a little too roomy and the Size 10 was just a little snug.  So, I decided to wait to buy pants until I can fit comfortably in Size 10.  At this rate, it'll be another 2 months!

    Another benefit is that the hunger is much softer than before and, the food preferences seemed to have shifted away from carbs.  I don't know why.  I ask my boyfriend to pick up some Go-To cottage cheese with pineapple bits (small curd to match my thighs) because I go through a tub in about 3-4 days.  Glazed donuts out on the counter--yawn. 

  4. Would like to hear more from you ladies about your experiences with your weight loss stalls.  It seems like the only reliable information on this subject is anecdotal from those who experience it.  I am also stalled; after 46 days post op, my weight has gone down 3 lbs.  I have been totally compliant with the program.

  5. 163 today (166 preop)  Fat % down to 37.5% (41.4% preop).

    Weight loss is agonizingly slow considering my dramatic change in diet.  Have cut out all wine; previously 2 glasses per day.  That is 2-3 bottles/week.  Carb intake is incidental since protein is first.   Appetite and hunger pretty much minimal which is a HUGE relief since intense hunger has always been THE most problematic part of the weight issue.  Current Intake is about 800 cal/day.  I believe my BMR is about 1100-1200 daily.  Activity levels unchanged pre-post op.  So the deficit is around 300 daily which is a lb every 10 days.  It has been 46 days since procedure and the weight loss is only 3 lbs since the procedure.  Sounds about right.

    The part of the change that is noticeable is the fat loss; pants hang off me and I need to get my sewing machine out and fix my current clothing until the weight loss is complete.

    I will add that I am very compliant with all aspects of the program, supplementation etc.  I have not changed activity habits since a focused change will not be sustainable and I am lightly active now (not sedentary).

    Overall, I am glad I decided to have the procedure.  Going in, my BMI was 32 and I believe that might skew the result since I reasonably only have 32 lbs to lose (personal goal weight is 150 from 182).  I am about halfway to goal.  If the rate remains consistent, it will take me another two months.  I would be extremely happy with that especially if the hunger factor remains controlled as it is now.

  6. I'd like to hear more about your story and that of others too with the same problem.  This is not a new, unheard of problem.   It is very personal and hurtful experience for you (as well as to the "0" contestant) and there is no decent science on the phenomenon to explain it or to help those experiencing it to at least understand it.  The common lame excuse work ie "calories in, calories out" does not explain what is happening. 

    Obesity science can learn much by learning about the body's mechanisms to defeat weight loss.  We all know the blah blah 'diet and exercise' is not the whole story. 

    Hope to hear your update.

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