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  1. My sister (who had sx in the states) mentioned gaining about 40 pounds back from her lowest weight, and she is about 5 years out. Honestly, I think a lot of those pounds came back from alcohol. She isn't a big drinker, but those are empty carbs and sugars and even a few drinks every weekend can make a difference. I do believe that in becoming obese, we were "feeding" an emotional void. Just because we lose the excess weight and feel better about ourselves...that doesn't fill that void. I know personally, that seeing a counselor to address eating triggers and stressors, is a MUST for me. The sx will help me lose the weight, but I didn't become obese overnight - it took years of me overeating/eating the wrong things to get like this because of past emotional traumas. I made me obese. So I personally think that expecting to keep the weight off is futile unless I address those issues during and after my weightloss. Just my opinion It sounds like the surgery worked for you, but surgery alone wasn't enough (it isn't for MOST of us!). Instead of beating yourself up, talk to someone. Get on the Bariatricpal forums. You have nothing to be ashamed of - the fact that you want to fix this is already a step in the right direction!
  2. Hello! I was just curious if those who have gone through or are going through this procedure could help me with what to expect travel wise. Is there only one airport in San Diego to fly into? Did you stay any extra days? This process of scheduling the surgery and then booking the flight is making me concerned that I'm somehow going to mess this all up! Any help is appreciated!
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