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Having too much of a good thing

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This Thursday at 2:30 pm I had a fill (169 lbs). I had 1.9 in my band, she put in 1.0 extra, so I now have 2.9.

She put the needle in and had me sit up (this did not bother me at all, I'm okay with needles) and had me drink while she filled me. Everything went down great, and I drank all the way home.

Friday morning it took me 1 hour to drink a small cup of tea. And for the rest of the day I got tighter so that I was NOT able to keep 2 sips of water down. I though it would loosen up in the night time, so I took a hot bath and sipped some hot tea. I was NOT able to keep anything down and just wanted to sleep and be out of my misery. I would get woken up by choking on my spit that couldn't past through the band. I kept a cup by my bed because I got so tired of getting up to slime.

I spit up 2 sips of water this morning, but I was able to keep down 1/2 cup of hot coffee.

But in that day and half, I lost weight...161 lbs.

If things don't improve by tomorrow morning, I am going to have to have some unfilled. Too bad that it is so unhealthy, because I am not hungry at all. I haven't slimmed in a couple of hours now. I called the doctor and he said I could wait it our until Sunday if I can pee 3 or 4 times today.

Thanks for letting me share. Your banister buddy soul mate, Barb

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Yes Barb you are right in getting an unfill. I was too tight for a month and yes I lost weight the first week and then nothing. Also had no energy. I am surprised they gave you that much of a fill actually. I guess every fill person is different. Good luck, hope you feel better today!


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You definitely need an unfill. In the mean time, if you can keep liquids down that are hot (and hot is the KEY), do what I did when I got to the point you are: Buy some v8 juice and warm it like tomato soup. I sipped this morning, noon, and night until I could get an unfill so that I had SOME nutrients going into me. Hang in there, and DO NOT try to eat. Eating will turn into throwing up, which will in turn make you even tighter... Hang in there!

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Thank you for your help.

I called the doctor this morning and he called me BACK two times. I never called before and was surprised that he was so responsive. He is going to take some out tomorrow, Sunday.

The good news is that I took a suposatory for nausia a couple hours ago and was able to get the most fluid inside of me...10 onces of water. It hasn't come up yet and it's been 20 minutes.

I'll let you know tomorrow.

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