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Guess who joined the band?

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So, at the moment, I'm sitting on my bed in the lucerna typing on my laptop. :) Here's how my lapband experience has been so far:

First night in Tijuana:

We got to the hotel, and we were shown to our room. Yeah... there was the first problem. Our room was right next to the elevator and next to a weight room that was full of a bunch of guys. We hadn't even gotten into the room yet, and we already knew there would be a problem. Then, we get into the room, and we don't have a balcony, just a sliding glass door with a railing. Plus, we were on the second floor on this short little roof that looked easily accessed from the ground. (Not great for two girls on their own in Tijuana). The sliding glass door had one measly little pin lock as well, so my mom and I definitely did not feel safe. We called to the front desk, and- after some pestering- we got our room changed. This room was much better, and we felt safer being on the fifth floor.

That night, we ordered room service, where I had my last supper of sorts.

So we wake up the next morning:

I dress in my flanel pajama pants and a hoody, and we get picked up by the OCC van. When we get there, we wait with six other patients. So, they call us in for dentist check, cardio check, nutritionist check, and *cue horror music* the IV. And, to my luck, I get called FIRST for the IV. Yay! not. So I'm calm.. I'm calm... I'm calm... then I realize that I did NOT get my happy pill like everyone said I would. That's when I freaked out. But, I found that the nurse is AMAZING at what she does, and it didn't hurt at all. Yay, IV is over. So after all my check ups, I go to my room. I meet Dr. Ortiz for the first time, and he tells me about how I need to take care of my band and everything. So, he asked how I'm feeling so far, and I tell him, "Well I was a little freaked out about the IV but I'm doing great now."

And this is where Dr. Ortiz, my surgeon, says, "Oh, yeah, I hate the IVs. Can't stand the sight of blood." :rolleyes: Dr. Ortiz, you funny.

So they wheel me into the operating room, and I"m on the table. And what are all these male (rather young and dreamy) doctors talking about? High school musical. XD I'm not even kidding. So they knock me out, I wake up like ten minutes later and the gas pains hit. Yeah, those hurt. But, I walked it out, and I'm feeling a lot better now. My mom and I are doing my laps around the clinic, to get rid of the gas, and I stop at the computer to updater the forum (yes, you guys were my priority!) and then I get dizzy, and I feel like I'm going to pass out. The nurse comes and helps me back to my room, and she tells me that the computer made me feel like that! See what I'd do for you guys? So I spent the night at the clinic and my mom had to go back to the hotel. I watched harry potter and read while I got four bags of those IV hydration thing-a-mabobs (which the nutritionist told me is basically gatorade in a bag). I woke, up the next morning when my mom got there. I FINALLY got to change out of the paper underwear and hospital gown. Thank the lord for that. Then, we go to wait for the van to take us back to the hotel. Today, I've had some broth, gatorade, and rest. Now my mom and I are going shopping. :)


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I am soooo glad it all went well for you!!! I wasn't going to tell you until after, but I had to get poked 4 times to get my IV in, but each time it really didn't hurt that bad. I am notorious for them not being able to hit my vein, so that didn't surprise me at all, but she made it so much easier on me! One of the dreamy doctors and I watched Jerry Springer, it was very relaxing as odd as that sounds! :)

Glad all went well !!!!

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WOW!! You are an amazing 15 year old girl. Your mom should be and I am sure is...very proud of you. You express yourself clearly and consisely. What a great representative of American youth.

Best of luck to you in your journey. Congrats on your new band!!!

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