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What do you remember from the surgery?

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Prior to yesterday's drama, I had a huge fear of the surgery...not lapband per se, any surgery. Ironically enough, I had a huge fear of being aware of what was happening in the operating room and my biggest fear was waking up with the tube in my throat.

I understand that because of what happened yesterday I have to over come some fears that I didn't have before, the funny thing is my biggest fear came to a reality...that was waking up from the surgery too early and being aware of the tube in my throat.

So the good news is that I have no memory of the time things were critical in the operating room...but because of the allergic reaction, they did wake me up with the tube still in my throat. Yikes.

I then spoke to a relative who told me that when she had a surgery recently she didn't wasn't completely out. (My other biggest fear). She said she distinctly remembers the room being black, not being able to open her eyes, feel anything or move but hearing everything that was going on.

Ouch. Thus putting me face to face with my other biggest fear.

I don't want to pass on lapband because I'm scared of the surgery...so I'm hoping to hear what others remember or better yet, what others don't remember.

I really hope my next experience will be walking into the operating room, lying down and walking up in recovery without a tube in my throat.


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this was my BIGGEST fear too .. waking up in the middle.

I was fully awake when they wheeled me to the operating table.

They gave me a very VERY mild sedative to calm me down prior, (i told them I have horrible anxiety), but it didn't do anything.

When i hopped up onto the operating table, i knew EXACTLY what was going on around me.

I could see them cleaning and prep'ing, heard lots of noises, etc...

I told one of the beautiful (male) anesthesiologists, that i was really really scared.

He put a heart rate monitor on my finger and started laughing ... my heart rate was going NUTS!!

BEEP BEEP beep beep beep!!!

He agree'd, that yes, i was nervous!

He started to talk to me, about what I do for a living -- and then we started talking about dogs - my favorite topic. LOL ...

Then, i asked him to promise me i wouldn't wake up. He promised, and told me I'd be alseep in 30 seconds.

I said, 'no way .. i don't think ..'

and then i remember saying, 'good night!' and closing my eyes.

Before i knew it, the nurses were asking me to lift my arms - which I couldn't.

I slowly said, 'give me a second' .. and I could feel my senses coming 'round .. quickly ...

They asked me how I was feeling, and my throat was hurting. I think they had a tube down my throat?

But that was it. I was DYING of thirst that morning, so it was no surprise my throat was tender.

They wheeled me back to my private room, where my boyfriend was watching golf on the tv *hahaha!*, and was excited to see me so quickly.

He told me I was only in there for about 30 minutes!

The nurse quickly came back in, with a freezie!

That felt amazing on my sore throat.

I was so nervous.

I told them that going in.

They arranged my surgery first of the day, so I wouldn't have to wait around ...

But seriously, if I did it, ANYONE can do it!


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Oh Gog ...

when it comes to Anesthesia

I am OUT !! totally out...

I remember my mom and the doc tried waking me up in my ROOM after the surgery

I wont open my eyes and I heard my mom and the doc laughing saying she is a

tight sleeper, I wasn't up until late that day........ LOL

any how when I had my third child it was C section... same thing happened....

but there is one thing which I love about Anesthesia

all my muscles are calm ... there is NO aches or pains anywhere.....

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Thank you everyone. That makes me feel a little better. I went to the allergy doctor today. He said it would be six weeks before they could test me on the meds to see which one caused the reaction. He's also partnering with my doctor to have me tested for alternative meds as well. I'm happy they are going to plan ahead so to speak.

I just keep telling myself everything happens for a reason.

I'm also wondering what would be the best pre op. I did lose 20 lbs so I absolutely don't want to put that back on but I don't want to be so hard core and zealous that I'm miserable the next seven...eight weeks either.

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I rememeber being on the table talking one minute, getting very drowsy, and then waking up in what seemed like one minute and them telling me it was over and my nose was itching but my hands were still tied and I coudn't scratch it. I thought something happened and they couldn't do the surgery. Then they told me,"no, we are done" Then I remember thinking, "oh, yea, I can feel the soreness."

That was it. Very uneventful and I dont' remember anything bad.

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Funny, I never feared waking up on the table mid surgery, It had never even crossed my mind. Then, it happened! I couldnt move my arms cuz they were strapped down but I could talk and I kept telling them it hurt and I was tapping my hand on the arm board to get thier attention. After that all I remember was being back in my private room resting comfortably.

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I had my worst nightmare come true - i've had two heart surgeries and I woke up during the first one. All I remember was this stupid inspirational poster on the ceiling and the nurse saying "she's waking up"! Creepy as all hell! But as far as my band, I remember them taking me in and me getting on the table, and the next thing I remember was me back in my room which I thought was right after surgery , but apparently it was like 2 hours later and my mom had had some big conversation with Dr. O and was about to head back to the hotel! I somehow missed it all! Like being really drunk at a party and someone having to tell you the next day what you did. :)

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I know everyone is different but for me I remember talking to the antithesisoligist (however you spell it) and him telling me that I was going to be the most important person in his life for the next 30-45 n mins. I remember him standing behind me talking to me when I was getting put under. The next thing I remember is his voice after surgery and then waking up in my room. They are all wonderful people and make you feel so secure.

I dont think he could have said anything else to make me feel as ok as he did. I dont think you could make a better choice.

Good Luck!


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