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Portside sleeping problems

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This will go away, just hang in there. I was one of the lucky ones I was able to lay on my left side after a night or two. Although I tried not to so that I did twist or move the port.

It varies for everyone but I am sure in another week or so you will be able to tolerate or even lay on that side. I know some people on here it was months before they could!

All the best to you,


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8 Months for me and I just started laying on that side last month. I can sleep on it for awhile, but I wake up aching and roll over. I am sure I will always feel it, I am used to it.

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I know its only been a week, but I really am beginning to despair of being able to sleep on my left side again.

Does this diminish or am l stuck with tenderness every time I touch or lie on this thing?

My tenderness has diminished as time has passed. By 3 weeks after surgery, I didn't have any tenderness anymore. The only time I feel anything is if I stretch too far with pressure. I am 5 weeks in now. I know it will continue to get better! Good luck!

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