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Kaiser tells my friend no on lapband

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My poor friend at work. She finally got the gutts to call Kaiser membership services and they told her lapband is not covered, only gastric bypass. That is just crazy. I told her to get a loan and go see Dr Ortiz, that I would even go with her. She said she has bad credit and that she does not feel safe to go to Mexico. I remember feeling that way. But I am glad I did it. I feel so bad for her, she has diabetes and she has told me that it has been as high as 600 on her sugar level. They just recently had to cut her toe open because it got a sore that would not heal. I told her to talk to her dr and see if he could force them to pay for it. If it is because they dont do it, it would seem like they could send her out to someone that does. I bet she dont want to get the loan because she can't afford the payment, I can understand that, it is killing me. My interest on the loan is 22% it is horrible. I wish I could get a second mortgage and pay it off a lower interest. I really had to see anyone suffer from the misery of all the medical problems that comes with being obese. Every time I see someone who is large, I want to just run up and tell them about the lapband. Trust me, I dont, how rude. But I really can feel their pain. I suffer everyday knowing that I dont want to be this way. I know she is feeling the same pain. I only wish I could help her. It just does not seem fair.

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Definitely tell her talk to her doctor and see if he/she will write a letter explaining why the lap band is needed and the best option for her. Then she should file an appeal with her insurance company. Obviously they are not totally again weight loss surgery, now she just has to push and push until the correct door opens for her.

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