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Question to previous pregnant bandsters

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Hello. I just had a quick question. I am now 5 months pregnant. I was completly unfilled almost 2 months ago. Since being unfilled, I have been able to eat like before I was banded. But recently, since my tummy is expanding, I am having alot of restriction. Food gets stuck more and more frequently. I ma PB'ing more frequently (not morning sickness). Have any of you experienced that? I am a little concerned since my uterus is only to my belly button, whats gonna happen when it gets higher and higher? Thanks for any responses!

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I still have 2.0 cc in my band at 33.5 weeks pregnant. I am doing great. I supplement with protein shakes, milk and yogurt. The baby is awesome. Doctors are pleased wit my 10 pound weight gain so far. My restriction changes day to day. As my uterus has grown, restriction gets worse... I still follow the band rules first except i always eat veggies then protein. and I can take all day to eat a meal and i drink with my meals (very small sips). This helps me a eat a little more. But everyone always finishes and eats a lot more than i do!!

How much weight do the doctors want you to gain?

By the way I have blood pressure, 39 years old & type 2 diabetes complications. so my pregnancy rules are probably different than yours. We are planning my c-section at 36 weeks (aug 26). They will do an amnio on Aug 24 to see if the babies lungs are mature before doing the c-section.

Good luck & keep us up to date on your progress!!!

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I just had my baby 3 months ago(csection) and he is a cute, healthy bundle:). I do wish I'd gotten unfilled due to current reflux issues, but that's a different topic. While I was pregnant I did nutrisystem because I usually didn't want to eat (morning sickness) but I knew I needed to eat something. I also drank milk and protein drinks and lots of water. I prob ate about 1200-1500 calories a day. I tried to drink my meals because everything getting stuck. I only gained 12 lbs total and after the baby was born I lost about 35. I do not breastfeed because of my experience w/ my first child.

I carried low so the port wasn't really an issue and my dr. assured me not to worry because the csection was nowhere near the band. I did get stuck a lot and drank water while I ate which is a big no no and think that's contributed to my reflux issues. If I could do it over again, I would get a total unfil and would NOT drink while I ate.

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