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hair loss after surgery ???

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O.k. am I understanding this correctly ?? Do you lose some hair after having surgery?? And does it ever come back ? Is it due to lack of vitamins/nutrients???

I have very fine thin hair to begin with and am wondering how much to expect??? Yikes!!

I am still getting the surgery done--even if I go bald !! hahahaha

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Some people experience hair loss after surgery but certainly not everyone. I had my lapband for a year before I noticed a large amount of hair loss. I started taking biotin and started being more careful to get my protein in. Usually it is a lack of protein that contributes to hair loss.

Does it grow back? Mine has stopped falling out now and I suppose it will grow back. I think the biotin helped more than the protein but it could just be a general increase in the amount of calories I am eating since I have weighed the same now for months.

Any rapid weight loss can make your hair fall out, add in the surgery and the low level of calories many lapband patients consume and it really is no surprise that many of us have problems with hair loss. It will grow back.

Take Biotin and watch your protein levels.

Good luck with your surgery.


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Yep my hair fell out , but I dod have regrowth.

A nutritionist told me protein


omega 3

I now take all three.


Thanks for the replies.. I wonder if I should start taking biotin now or wait until afterwards..

Nicole, I have seen your recent struggles, hope things are going well for you now....

I also see you operate a dayhome.. we should talk-- I work for a PLC(Parent Link Centre) And I work specifically with Dayhome providers !!

Take care!

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