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The Lap Band AP system - is it really better?

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Hi, everybody - I was hoping to get your opinion on something. I was reading another Lap Band board today, and someone had posted something called "Things to know before you get banded in Mexico" - or something to that order. A lot of the stuff was pretty common sense, like "research the surgeon's record, make sure you have aftercare/fills available locally" etc... But one thing was brought up that I'd heard once before - at an informational seminar given here in Florida by Dr. Lee Grossbard (who was banded by and proctored by Dr. Ortiz) - he mentioned that one downside of going to Mexico is that the Docs there do not have access to the "latest generation" Inamed band - the AP system. He said it is a superior, lower-pressure system with many improvements and lower complications than the old system (the VG, I believe? He kept referring to it as "the old band - that the surgeons in Mexico use - although he said he himself has this "old band").

Anyhoo, this "Things to Know" post I was reading today echoed the same sentiments - now, I know a lot of this is marketing and Dr. Grossbard has a vested interest in people getting their surgery through him, not going to Mexico. But, as you've probably guessed, I've scared myself a little here. :) Of course, like anyone, I want the best technology with the lowest possible chance of complications. I also like everything I've read/heard about Dr. Ortiz and really want him to do my surgery - I believe he's the best. So, opinions please.

-- Deena

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Can't speak for OCC having the latest Allergan/Inamed band, but I know he uses 3 bands - 2 allergan sizes and the Realize J&J band (one size).

I got the realize band. I found some info on comparing the two. Maybe it will help.

I would also call OCC and just ask.

Let us know what you find out.


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Dr. O uses the new Realize C band, which is very similar to AP - lower pressure, wider, less chances of slippage. He told me that the AP was made to compete with the Realize C. The technology is available in Mexico, it's just offered under the other name brand.

makes sense! I too am hoping I get to have the Realize C Band. :)

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makes sense! I too am hoping I get to have the Realize C Band. :)

That is what I got Realize. And I got banded by Dr O July 3 of this year.

I would suggest you call who ever you are working with.I was with Lisa and she will be able to tell you or how

you go about requesting the band.

You know what they are so wonderful if they don't have the answer they will transfer your call to one of the other DRs.

There are several in the OCC center that can help you. When are you schedule for your band surgery?

Mickie in Omaha

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