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Hi there! I have one week to go on my 21 day post op liquid diet. I am starting to struggle. We are going to the fair this weekend and all I can think about is the food! I don't even typically eat at the fair when we go but now that I can't, its all I want to do!

Does andyone have any creative ideas for getting through this last week? Thank you!


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Fairs are bad for me too. I would make sure I drank plenty of protein before I left so you won't be hungry - even thou the smells with try to lure you in. Then I would take some hard candy with me and suck on them. Also, since you are in the creaming food stage, and if you feel like you need to get something, I would try for a milkshake. I had a couple of them during the last part of my liquid stage and they tasted so good.

Hang in there and enjoy the sights and sounds of the fair. :D


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